Canada Post just delivered a package ordered 8 years ago by Toronto resident

A man from Toronto just received a package that he says he had ordered online 8 years back.

After a Canada Post delivery person rang his doorbell on May 6, Elliot Berinstein said he found a package from the online retailer sitting on his doorstep. He initially felt confused as he had not ordered anything from the website for many years.

“I opened it and inside was an invoice from 2012 and it was a tube of ‘Brylcreem’ I ordered in 2012,” he told local media.

The Invoice of the order placed back in 2012

“I started laughing because I thought it was pretty funny that it came eight years later,” said Berinstein.

At the time of his initial order, Berinstein said he had been living in Ottawa and the hair cream never arrived at his address there. He said he contacted and they agreed to ship the product again to his home in Toronto because he thought it might be easier.

“It didn’t come again and I’m like ‘OK, this isn’t worth the headache’ so I just forgot about it,” he said.

As an additional, albeit not completely surprising, twist to this bizarre story, the hair cream had expired upon receipt by Berinstein.

A Canada Post spokesperson described Mr. Berinstein’s situation as “unique” and said they would further investigate the matter.


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